October 7, 2013

#IfWeAreBeingHonest I have found that the best way to make it through the onset of dreary days is with a phenomenal hot beverage that you can make at home. I love fall, and all the glories that come with it… scarves, boots, peacoats, crunchy leaves, biting wind, holidays, pumpkin in beer… but I can’t say I loved not seeing the sun for an entire month last year. With the loveliness of fall, we also have to accept that the days get shorter and the need for an umbrella is imminent. 

So, I recommend you prepare a London Fog for what ails you! And maybe get one of those fake sunshine lamps or some vitamin D supplements.


2 cups water

3 Earl Grey tea bags (Recommended: Tazo Tea)

1 cup warm milk 

1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract

Honey (sweeten to preference)


Bring the water to almost a boil in a medium sized sauce pan. I usually put the tea bags in at the beginning so the tea can steep as it gets hotter (I wrap the strings of the tea bag around the pot handle or tape the paper tabs to the handle so they do not fall all the way in the water, but the tea bags should be immersed). I don’t like to let the water actually boil, I think this makes the tea bitter. When the water/tea is steaming and nearly boiling, turn off the heat and add honey and stir (add honey to your preferred level of sweetness). 

At the same time, I heat my milk in a small sauce pan at medium heat. Remember, it’s milk, so it will burn in the pan. Keep the milk moving with a whisk. I heat until I can see steam but do not let it bubble.

After the tea has steeped and the milk is warm, I take put the vanilla in the bottom of my cup, take one tea bag out of the pan and wrap the string around my cup handle. Then, I fill the cup 2/3 with tea and 1/3 with milk. Stir and enjoy! If you leave the tea bag in the cup, it will continue to enhance the flavor.

Makes 2 mugs full of joy! So, make this with a friend…

You may enjoy more honey or more vanilla, more tea or more milk! Play with the recipe! But, enjoy the tea and let it warm you up on those chilly fall days! Cheers!

*Also good with English Breakfast tea if that is all you have. :)

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